Samsung i8190 Galaxy S3 Mini How thrown Format

Samsung i8190 Galaxy S3 Mini Nasıl Format Atılır

İlk olarak fabrika ayarlarına geri döndürme yöntemini anlatalım tuşları açarak *2767*3855# yapmanız yeterli olacaktır.
Diğer yöntem ise tüm telefonu sıfırlayacaktır.
Home (back) key and the Power (on-off), press the power key together until android logo bekleyiniz.Menü encounter when it comes to direct the sound and the menu by pressing the power button to confirm. 'Wipe data / reset' option on the coming home (back)

i9003 hard reset Samsung i8190 Galaxy S3 Mini Nasıl Format Atılır

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53 Responses to “Samsung i8190 Galaxy S3 Mini Nasıl Format Atılır”

  1. Hasan diyor ki:

    telefonuma root atmıştım root atarken çıkarmıştım kabloyu yalnışlıkla sonrada format geldi aklıma ama o da olmuyo o Samsung GALAXY S III mini GT-I8190 yazan yerde saatler boyu takilio ne yapmam gerek

  2. Hasan diyor ki:

    hayır ole bişile olmuyo uzun sure ole oluyo kapanmıoda telefon bataryayı cıkarman lagzım

  3. alper diyor ki:

    evet aynısı bendede oldu

  4. murat diyor ki:

    thanks :)

  5. ADEM diyor ki:

    off constantly

  6. Miyase Oran diyor ki:

    Key lock locked gmail bilirmisiniz you wanna be your help we do not know him

  7. furkan diyor ki:

    password folded logs on the phone because I tried 5 times in the kullanılc name and password that you want to help fix it????????????

  8. david diyor ki:

    I have a mini s3 Korea, to handle goods coming formats, but does not press the keys

  9. trkcell diyor ki:

    In Korea, the property device wipe data / factory reset section for approval after arriving home key press instead of the left touch-section. I tried worked

  10. sd Karr diyor ki:

    Memory card is not a shortage of cikartmasak b, right?

  11. yiğitcan diyor ki:

    I have a problem like this is throwing me out of the game what should I do thank you for it

  12. yiğitcan diyor ki:

    meanwhile mine mini s3

  13. mustafa diyor ki:

    I format my horse, but I have network problems?

  14. typhoon diyor ki:

    Ustad imei debgistirolmis s3 Miniyos format atsam imei patlar mi

  15. extensive diyor ki:

    my s3m also the battery is full and the Aegean on the internet 10min average hindsight if I just resets itself and the battery of 1-2% as late as is falling .. then endlessly resets itself to acılmıyor remove the battery supposed to ... how I do anything I need to format Do? Is the return to factory settings?

  16. extensive diyor ki:

    format, is opened at the same problem as I repeated again and the battery fell from 70% to 1% of :( I did not know we gonna go my service or a new battery ...

  17. s3 believe the chisel diyor ki:

    Nothing on mine when I download or mini s3 spot defects in the display menu screen nSL going to fix it?

    • traveler diyor ki:

      You may need to change the device's screen, but the part of china, etc. Finding a product may be limited.

  18. banu diyor ki:

    Format What is the difference between the return to factory settings? I varmüzik mini player of my s3 is çalışmiy
    The music player also says he does not support the file type notification sounds do not work what to do

    • traveler diyor ki:

      reset factory settings but the other settings just as you received the first day I throw sıfırlar.yazıl have your benefits.

  19. ferhat diyor ki:

    My network key on the issue have no problem coming and going constantly call me when they do not reach the key is turned off, please help

  20. jordanhasan diyor ki:

    my chef Korea s3 package goods WiFi ilever I spontaneously without opening it opens Can you tell if you know what the problem solution thanks

    • traveler diyor ki:

      My friend in Korea, the device boot options have different problems olabiliyor.yazıl deneyiniz.dig may not be the kind of solutions.

  21. ayse diyor ki:

    I took a mini Korea malı.format my s3 of the network change network settings çekmiyor.mobil What should I do, but I still do not checks.

  22. mien diyor ki:

    I was scratching my phone constantly returns I've reset the phone to factory separately, perhaps because the water recedes still need urgent help messages kasýyor I do not assign the proper felan

  23. Aytekin diyor ki:

    Something's wrong with my brother bendede word completion torch possible subject smiles: when I do :D di does not come out anymore I have to always take the long way is always a problem in what may be a predictive settings

    • traveler diyor ki:

      there any sign of a wheel under the keyboard when writing messages friend close it if there are setting prediction problem will end.

  24. Ferhat diyor ki:

    Can you give that answer above Edan asked Master bendede have the same problem phone is overly uptight or his promise very fast in the same phone please help arkadaşda :(

    • traveler diyor ki:

      If you do not tighten up the phone after he atınız.dah yapılabilir.ilk muscles as a format not yükleyiniz.mesel programs antivirus programs or remove unnecessary programs you install.

  25. hakan diyor ki:

    Do I need to make it worth my while laying format SI

  26. Jennifer diyor ki:

    benım the good times my phone galaxy s3m
    The FLN 5 minutes to ask facede texting unwritten In ISD keyboard will not come back immediately shuts off the keyboard opens
    I've reset the factory settings, but at the format provided restore what should I do?

  27. Jennifer diyor ki:

    you say, with the keys in the code?
    ege, whereas I'm writing code, but the phone does not detect what should I do?

  28. Cover diyor ki:

    Good evening. Korea, the phone in my hand I s3m goods. This is what he told me you format the phone can implement the process. This format operation will delete the spyware installed on the phone? If you want to get rid of my doubts detailed information.

  29. ahmet diyor ki:

    Good day benım s4 mini hard format my phone is laying one hour and no key in the downloading section calışmıyor wonder if we get a problem with the battery right?

  30. david diyor ki:

    Thanks kardon


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