General Mobile Discovery Nasıl Format Atılır

General Mobile Discovery Nasıl Format Atılır

Device, the device is reset, all data is erased.

Higher rates of charge on your device before performing this operation Shall there are. Minimum: 50%

- My phone is completely shut down our phone, remove the battery if the battery turns out I Takala again.

- The phone is closed, the Volume Up Power Button (Power) Button to the basal, General Mobile Text View when only the Power key to the Our hands Haul Volume Up Key Pressed Kalsın Recovery screen appears with all of the keys our hands Let's get ..

That appears on the screen-wipe data / factory reset writing my finger on the volume button while holding down the power button and let'll print volume up key.

-Yes Delete All User Data the next screen will be one. Let the volume on the key while holding down the volume up key and the power key'll print my finger.

-Reset Reboot System Now the script is complete, the screen appear on the finger, let's press the power button while holding down the volume up and we'll print it.

The device will restart. Easy installation steps will be turned on. Language - Google Account, and so on. When the installation process is easy to use your device.

Another reset all settings and data reset in the settings section.

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  1. can diyor ki:

    I would thank that helped me very much brother

  2. murat diyor ki:


  3. murat diyor ki:

    God bless you saved me a big load

  4. longing diyor ki:

    Hey, I did all of this term as the password for the setting you want, but only the factory booklet it said suan

  5. hussein diyor ki:

    God bless emeginize health

  6. Mert turalı diyor ki:

    Format threw updates coming back I wonder?

  7. rafet diyor ki:

    Settings menu, reset your device slm my device was closed, and remained the acılırken COMMAND NO warning wore removable battery charge is less than said maybe could you help sarja duruyo the same way, but in vain ..... regards takyım rafet stars

  8. Arandur diyor ki:

    It was same with me, the keys came in tamper list.

  9. The ERC diyor ki:

    çalışmıyo güncellme back to my camera went after yaptıkd the nap I need to format them but did not

  10. hope diyor ki:

    Password wants. My solution: to remove accounts on the phone tum. Return to the factory setting are good. 4GB model of the system when zero (2.25gb) 818 mb i it is getting empty fields when finished wire and the starter does not work kapaniyor. Founded in external memory even less than sisy little place I hafixa. Beware of

  11. murat diyor ki:

    God bless the master craftsman much to be thankful you're told it's nice not possible to do that.

  12. murat diyor ki:

    I have a question, go to feign seconds to master, but sometimes the screen just as I see you doing on the Internet and use the phone normally no problem in it's few friends in the gördüm.b Why does the service will go to my phone does not come?

  13. war diyor ki:

    My solution is already that writing does not command keys basınızz

  14. ahmet diyor ki:

    * Hands of health brothers worked for me .... thanks a lot

  15. zlh diyor ki:

    friends wi fi would not work my problem was not yet two months, but what happened was I did not understand how to apply them and then hopefully resolve :(

  16. ibrahim diyor ki:

    Thank you God bless you brother ... :)

  17. Anas diyor ki:

    My brother for the first time really that I'm bi site reviews so wonderful and helpful site, thank you very much ... LABOR RESPECT TO B

  18. hakan diyor ki:

    God bless you for sharing with us

  19. tunahan diyor ki:

    God bless you. You have saved me from trouble nai bi bi, even if it meant you were happy for me :D

  20. memo diyor ki:

    God bless you saved bani 50 pounds

  21. eeee diyor ki:

    In the rear camera does not work and the search does not produce sound when opening speaker can talk

  22. cavite diyor ki:

    saolasın saw my work

  23. ergun diyor ki:

    Hi, I DISCOVERY I am using messages in a folder continuously first unread msgs gösteriyo'm deleting but again back to feign built-in storage also erases Although I CHANGED Nuttin What can I do to help if you would appreciate my brother could not get away from the work

  24. tahsin diyor ki:

    Hi, Thanks for the information I'm sharing. General Mobile phone's volume is turned up even though Discovery will not come. Tel playing quiet, too quiet playing, put the headset have voice but no speaker sound. What is the source of the problem you think? How may improve?

    • traveler diyor ki:

      If the problem is resolved, but may be a technical fault at Format arkadaşım.y area would be better for you if you send warranty.

  25. Ramadan diyor ki:

    slm brother benım saying my device turn off and turn on and off in the beginning of the text but the screen is generalmobil come and go, but I would love if acılmıyor device help my brother ..?

    • traveler diyor ki:

      Did you try throwing format?
      Simcard remove your memory card and try to take and format, but remember that there's no information on the phone after format will be deleted.

  26. ali diyor ki:

    Internet speed is very slow, I wonder if I take the format faydas8 olurmu

  27. tahir laughs diyor ki:

    thank you thank you, sister ...

  28. MUAZZZ diyor ki:


  29. The ERC diyor ki:

    Slm general mobile phone format my friends throw them do not want to delete my messages will be deleted and erased what my brother thrown fortmat :(

  30. financial diyor ki:

    I was browsing the net while listening to music, a new capillary vessel gives the music, why? We take the format of the phone at a rate of deceleration as the question becomes

    • traveler diyor ki:

      Although the problem is accelerated as the first day the phone got to try my friend may be errors programmatically.

  31. financial diyor ki:

    Acer restore, but I do not know I've done Collapse

  32. furkan diyor ki:

    bro i general mobile user for my phone out of the blue folded and unopened spare charger taste my morning packed up in the morning I tried again, yet a little while later remove the battery, I've cleaned and re-wore was but the phone is switched on and froze what should I do to help would you be?

  33. furkan diyor ki:

    Press the battery from çıkarp I'm wearing is open, but freezes .. Did not feel more self in

  34. taha diyor ki:

    Hello telephone line sees, but does not pull in the mobile network was unavailable previously recovered spontaneously says, but what I do now is going back to the same problem I did not improve at the same what should I do in the format

  35. Hasan Karatas diyor ki:

    HELLO MY 4 GM GM DİSCOWERY my phone COMPANY MAIL I'm moving ALL NORMAL LATEST SECURITY UPDATE REQUIRED PHONE will be encrypted SAY OK I SAY TURN OFF I OPENED BUT birturlu ENCODE unknown THEREFORE MAİLLRİ In GİREMİYO Have I encountered this problem when öldümü HELP Sevinirim

  36. Yusuf diyor ki:

    My brother took my rear camera does not work here but did not improve Format

  37. cem diyor ki:

    When we take the format of the device under warranty subtraction

  38. hasan diyor ki:

    My teacher was doing the same thing with the old version in the new version is doing the same thing at hard reset, but I'm still doing the same to me you could be surprised at how yarrdımc

  39. celal erdoğan diyor ki:

    mm I did not reboot system now writing directly said silinio
    format atmışmı oluo

  40. mehmet diyor ki:

    Help for the sake of Allah

  41. mehmet diyor ki:

    Do not know any other way

  42. Order diyor ki:

    Thanks, bro God bless you

  43. ERDENAY diyor ki:

    certainly do a number called the same phone should be fixed thanks a lot.

  44. Dogan diyor ki:

    Hello, surf the internet than one phone, a warning has come, "the android risk to your phone 3 units infected was ..." I think the infected is, if transmitted if the format atma Did you suggest or reset to factory settings option? Thank you.

    • traveler diyor ki:

      factory default settings sıfırlar. only allows you to use formats like the first day that erases everything.

  45. merve diyor ki:

    I devices take two days was when the update was not made myself I've updated, but a noticeable worsening was and so I never liked so to factory settings returns did but still the latest version installed, how is this going what should I do you think?

    • traveler diyor ki:

      in required format on which version it was already at my friend if he is kalacaktı slowdown persists still try to make an update from your computer.

  46. Celebrate diyor ki:

    admin I this phone take 20 days, it was my brothers have played ... model tried a lot left ... email and want the code, I forgot her ... hard reset thought I'd throw down I'm holding the keys factory mode ... auto testing etc.. You can not screen out things at Finn ..... please urgent help!!!

  47. TARIQ diyor ki:

    Hi general discovery 16GB 3 months ago I picked up the phone the last two days I've had trouble mains. calsıtımm phone to call someone cekmiyo format is corrected I wonder if I take?

  48. ali diyor ki:

    GM got my 16gb Arkadeş discovery is very slow and sometimes freezes Format Is What should I do if I'm yonder guarantee which one would you recommend (brother to the attention of the traveler)

    • traveler diyor ki:

      Format the subject format them after my friend Do not overload otherwise will come to the same situation again.

  49. Adam diyor ki:

    Thanks a lot bro ... God bless ...

  50. murat diyor ki:

    I went to my phone after I did DİSCOVERY GM no next network should cause it did not come in?

  51. ersan diyor ki:

    How was working went up the volume key is resolved

  52. Nuri Taskiran diyor ki:

    I can not install applications on my phone and I can not access it faac

  53. murat bastug diyor ki:

    General Mobile dıscovry I opened my phone's rear camera, the screen is getting scratched scratches pink color also is getting help thanks olurmusunuz

  54. selcuk diyor ki:

    I'm using 4gb a certain period after you take a picture picture picture says there is not an emergency I need to do

  55. Rain is diyor ki:

    you wanna say when messaging password problem again after I asked for the PUK pin that's why I was not asked I am writing so that all passwords Sinil format Dunn threw ölüüü help please ....

  56. tolunay diyor ki:

    GMD format you going to come threw logo come açýlmýo olurmusunuz What can I do to help?

  57. bade diyor ki:

    I can easily use my phone again thank you :D

  58. olcay diyor ki:

    there is The danger here is the format of the web browsing, but I can not go to y

  59. The ERC diyor ki:

    I did need to take the device does not turn on, but now there was no memory card in the sim and mobile flashes in general, and does not turn on help

  60. ergan diyor ki:

    Slm thanks for your information my camera network applications to bring back deleted revealed Biliran

  61. flood diyor ki:

    After formatting, they're coming out of warranty

  62. Once I alemdar diyor ki:

    he was my friend on the phone infected with a virus warning came three units thattrue Do not you think this game does fraudsters

  63. Once I diyor ki:

    Warranty kapsami burok_fixed ... cikarmi

  64. Once I diyor ki:

    My friend began to muscle, or phone

  65. problem diyor ki:

    My phone is a green line on the right side of my screen turns what should I do to fix this??? Please help

    • traveler diyor ki:

      fault lines on the screen can be my friend so it would be better if you send düzelmeyebilir.garanti in atsanı format.

  66. yusuf diyor ki:

    friends help you format them, but I still could not boot br What should I do if you're

    • traveler diyor ki:

      If you have a logo screen android guarantee simple ways to try to throw mAInIzdA useful room will void the warranty.

  67. muhammet diyor ki:

    My phone was at the opening format

  68. ali can diyor ki:

    After arriving in writing exclamation general mobile comes so after waiting a while the phone is opened, how olcak

  69. Good luck diyor ki:

    God bless you, and still has not lost, but the camera icon :)

  70. Eray diyor ki:

    Thank you very much. My brother had ruined the phone, so we saved on. God bless you.

  71. original diyor ki:

    Merabal my phone's speaker blew, but msg tone half after coming jowl and lock acme sounds quit well, but dialed my voice gelmio and gitmip muzikndinlenmio but the headset name of the gorebiliorm it for what I should do

  72. Ahmet diyor ki:


  73. chatlaq diyor ki:

    I've attempted to update master slm 35.95 today after I downloaded the Update does not start well when I re-wire bi d appreciate your help

    • traveler diyor ki:

      samsung devices, such as the option to install a room cihaz.ben no more warranty, please send the best of friends.

  74. Murat fine diyor ki:

    There was my teacher and my camera both from the menu of the application. Artie açılmıyo flashlight. Format of cholangitis. Assistant sevinirim be. Simdiden get God willing.

    • traveler diyor ki:

      but first, the teacher can do with your information yedekleyiniz.dah attempt to apply the formatting process.

  75. Zeynep diyor ki:

    lock, but does not accept the password has been changed. so you want to format. does pose a problem

  76. general mobile diyor ki:

    required should such internet sites

  77. general mobile diyor ki:

    Thank you ... I need such essential sites

  78. Nedim Cevik diyor ki:

    For information entered teşekkürler.cocuk playing phone factory settings delete everything on the back I have my chance to get to

  79. mahsum diyor ki:

    God bless you seen my phone did them wrong hands :)

  80. cotter diyor ki:

    Hi, phone reset to factory settings after updating looked. Date of renovation was old and did not update.

  81. seviim diyor ki:

    Hello, I have trouble wire benım wanted to see the bell does not ring cut and fabricated this format if I do not throw them for a moment before doing configuration and sevınırım done after SIM tsk edrm

    • traveler diyor ki:

      teacher ringing in the experiment but not bilemessiniz. not steal from other sounds may be a technical reason, but only if ringtone format should try to throw.

  82. Kurtulus sekeerci diyor ki:

    God bless you my brother since sabhat yapacağıoz were thinking how many times ladies have entered the password lock is the end of a fight, have you had to labor health

  83. mhmmd diyor ki:

    The very name of his brother saolasın worked. Wire was locked. Does Bluetooth will be able to help açılmıyo

  84. To h.tir diyor ki:

    General Mobile Discovery 16 GB in my phone and the screen of the camera and there was no application with this software will send my cholangitis or service.

  85. mustafa diyor ki:

    Thank you very

  86. ilayda diyor ki:

    meraba my general mobile 4GB got a phone while taking pictures or downloading music storage is where the pain was writing me tell in the way you format tried to make, but at the moment my phone acılmıyor and constantly shuts opening general mobile text turns back then shuts off what do I do?

  87. Serdar diyor ki:

    masters are alone or empty answer to anyone bıravo vermemis cevaplamış everyone's patience will be appreciated Thanks also for humanity're ins

  88. error diyor ki:

    hi my phone in discovery yaptıgım update page is a black screen appears atýcak format, but I'm wondering is varmdı nothing to do with line plus line connected in internet wifi in the house would be glad if you help the baglanbize AmAIyorum

    • traveler diyor ki:

      yes you can take the format of the information to do so your back. :)

  89. mehmet 55 diyor ki:

    Unfortunately when downloading pictures or video from the Internet SCANNER STOPPED's writing what I gotta do

  90. gentleman diyor ki:

    selamün aleyküm for your help saolun benım phone formatladıg Although I yedeklemeye getting in the've never somethng not delete the application file music and downloaded games second time I've formated even from the settings erased degısır none What can I do you think

    • traveler diyor ki:

      Did you perform the reset operation, as shown in? If you have done everything and nothing you do not will be deleted.

  91. recognized diyor ki:

    discovery tactic I'm using the charger to charge your battery is empty, but the phrase does not come stuffed and not urgent. What would you advise me to do?

    • traveler diyor ki:

      Please try a different charger is still unknown if the charging socket is probably faulty.

  92. Murat fine diyor ki:

    hey. my teacher and my phone's camera flashlight menu was deleted. I need to do. simdiden thanks.

  93. efe diyor ki:

    Calls and listening to music can cause the sound is coming

  94. alperen diyor ki:

    The front camera can not now find the problem please help

  95. Yasin diyor ki:

    General Mobile wi-fi button active discovery can not issue stems wonder why?

  96. Omar diyor ki:

    How many times I can not thank saol brother is saol

  97. ahmet diyor ki:

    I format my brother ATCA consists saol care to reviewers said bi

  98. emre diyor ki:

    man guy. God bless you. Waiting for more shares.

  99. emre diyor ki:

    God bless you. ADAM Adams

  100. yusuf diyor ki:

    this recipe is that you format the phone returns to the first day? I'm just saying that; As of yesterday I installed but did not like KitKat. To return to the previous version GM says it will publish updated. Does this format returns to the previous version?

    • traveler diyor ki:

      KitKat .. its the old version with the version that means you need to download and install it again.

  101. Yasin was Gundogmus diyor ki:

    I was very Saolun Sayer Open your Phone

  102. peyote diyor ki:

    Thank beautiful expression.

  103. MURAT LALECİ diyor ki:

    Hello there
    Not too much trouble can you help RELEVANT INDUSTRY

  104. feast diyor ki:

    My friends and contacts on my phone app gives error message on a black screen after opening career comes to know how to fix it

  105. burak diyor ki:

    but I want to format the volume keys and power key at the same time, I am printing does not come any article, please could you help

  106. northeaster diyor ki:

    God bless you brother that was the procedure as going to send to the service of Allah be pleased with was having a little trouble staying blowing

  107. ibrahimdeger diyor ki:

    God bless you brother ...

  108. Abdullah Zengini diyor ki:

    I took the phone formats. Not enough space warning when downloading applications coming in every application. What should I do.

  109. abdullah Yucel diyor ki:

    I am using 16 GB of general mobile BN brother dropped out of my hand just writing a message in a very slow, what should I do. Sound comes and goes

  110. muhammet diyor ki:

    general mobile user for discovery, they're coming back up camera in my band I got to nap thanks Waiting for your suggestions

  111. melikke diyor ki:

    Phone does not open the photons coming from the watsap says no thumbnail What should I do

  112. MeLiH diyor ki:

    formatting process takes several minutes?

  113. murat diyor ki:

    First of all, thank you sincerity in every human being is not, you made half of Did kindness you will be appreciated someone, I problem about 3 weeks ago I received general mobile discovery 16GB phone applications when viewing or browsing the Internet or self-motion process is doing is needed short term, on day 2 or 3 time, I do not know why, I would be glad if you illuminate

    • traveler diyor ki:

      Thanks Murat Bey
      first you must format it fails, it is useful to send to the touch than I can say the kaynaklanabilir.garanti.


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